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4 years ago#1
So I've found everything except for one last gold brick. I'm at 98.7% and I know I need that last gold brick to unlock the Voldemort character token. I just used the Gold Brick list from this FAQ:


I went through room-by-room and crossed them off as I went. I got NO gold brick detector activity...I do have a hunch there's a problem in what that FAQ refers to as "the dungeon." From what I see there are vines holding a barrel and they won't move when I use Lumos. The gold brick detector doesn't say there's a brick under that barrel, but it's odd that those vines won't go away.

Anyway...If anyone might be able to help that would be awesome. I've been searching like mad and can't find this one last brick to get me up to 100%. Thanks so much!

4 years ago#2

At 98.7%, I suspect you need a Student in Peril (which will also get you another brick).  Which means you'll have to serach through the castle again, unfortunately.  Under the 2nd Charms classroom (the "dungeon") there is a SIP, but he's in the room prior to the barrel with vines.  The vined-barrel is just for points.  Since you've already visited that area, you already have that Gold Brick (it's impossible to avoid as it's how you exit the room).


CyricZ's guide is excellent, but you might want to check out Radiant Viper's for a better map.



But before searching the whole map again, check that you haven't missed a SIP in one of the levels at the bulletin board in the Leaky Cauldron (maybe you'll get lucky).

Commonly missed SIPs:  The one in Hagrid's garden is often missed (be sure the picnic basket has flown away - if not, he's in there), as is the one in the Slytherin dorm bedroom (behind the bookcase), and the two in the Owlery (one inside scroll at the back, one in bird feeder in TT mode).


- Chris

4 years ago#3

Thanks so much for your response. I know that I'm not missing any SIP, True Wizards, or House Crests based on the pause screen which shows all of the details. I'm only missing one gold brick and one character token.

Based on my research, that last character token is Voldemort, which I will get once I collect the final gold brick that I'm unable to find. Do you have any second guesses that I might be able to try out??

Thanks again!
4 years ago#4

Well that bites. Be sure to re-check all the Time Turner areas (Gryffindor dorm, Owlery, Clock Tower, Hagrid's Garden, Quidditch Field Entrance).


Often missed bricks include the one in Hagrid's Garden (above steaming cauldron), in Diagon Alley (sweeper), Knockturn Alley (behind the counter), Gryffindor bedroom (Time Turner), and DADA Office (7 silver objects - one in the Hermione book cabinet). Good luck.


- Chris

4 years ago#5

That was it! I guess I missed the gold brick in Harry's dorm using the Time Turner! I feel so dumb/relieved...But I've finally got that 100% mark. Haha. Thanks for the help!

4 years ago#6
Yes, I am having the same worries, but on the 360 version. I have used RadiantViper's guide to all of the collectibles, and it would seem that after I got everything in Dumbledore's Office (The last thing he lists for collectibles), I had 189 gold bricks, and two tokens remaining. Which means, that once I am finished with the bonus levels, I will have 199 gold bricks. Advice?
4 years ago#7
Like many others, I had the same problem of having 199.

My last one was in the lobby after leaving the dorm hallway
There are 6 unlit candles in this area but I only had four. For two of the candles, you need to go over to the left door and aim above it at another candle - hit it and two more candles will appear.

Maybe this is the one you're missing to? :P
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