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5 years ago#21

Would this be an alternative for No. 18?

18. How do I start a New Game-?

Erase you game's save file from your hard drive.

5 years ago#22
A quick note on the "How do I start a New Game-" question: You don't necessarily have to sign in to a new profile to start from scratch. The other option would be to go to your XBox Dashboard and go to your storage options and delete the storage data for (but not necessarily the actual game for) Shadow Complex. That would delete all of your saved data so you'd lose anything if you decided you wanted a New Game+ later on, but you could do it with the same profile if you really were after that goal.

All in all - AWESOME info, and thank you very much for the thread. I finally got this game, and wish I would've run across this earlier. I didn't know that you could skip the pistol, and still need the 13% -- nice tip I'm about to use for my gold unlock. :D
5 years ago#23
Weird! It didn't show your post until I posted mine. Sorry Amethyst. You wrapped yours up a little better than I did. haha! How did we both wind up answering this 3 days apart 3 years after the thread? lol
5 years ago#24
About that.. Deleting your save file does NOT erase your game's stats; it only deletes the progress you made in the main campaign. Even deleting the game itself from your hard drive does nothing. It somehow "remembers" your stats.
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