Can't figure out how to access upper-right part of map! Help!

#1delta9fballerPosted 10/16/2011 8:47:23 AM
All the walkthroughs I've read say to access this part of the map via an underground route once the final boss battle has been initiated, but when I try to go this way, I run into a grenade hatch (eg it's glowing green) at the top of a duct, and I get a grenade to detonate in mid-air to get past it. This obstacle occurs below and to the left of the right-most save room. Am I just doing it wrong? Is there an alternate route I'm overlooking? Help! I need to get both the passkeys at the top right part of the map!
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Oops. That is to say "I can't get a grenade to detonate in mid-air..."
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If put foam on the hatch, then use a grenade, the grenade will stick to the foam. Found that out by accident, but it works
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Thank you, thank you