lost for the hundreth time

#1EnemyWithin88Posted 9/17/2012 9:20:59 AM
I always play quite a bit then put it down. Everytime I pick it back up im plainly lost and following the blue map on the path generally gets me stuck. Its likely to have to do with a new gadget or ability I have and forgot about. I most recently obtained the boots that make you run super fast if i go one direction from a save room i encounter a big multi-leveled room with locked red doors. The other path brings me to an elevator i can go above but cant get in and i can get above all 6-8 rooms, on both side but only in one which has 2 siildees, a desk, a big window, and locked door. Its near the top right of the map. Ill load up the game later and check for more details if this doesnt help
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