Could not load library client

#1StefansZzPosted 11/17/2009 12:11:35 PM
I tried to play versus, the game crashed, I reopen the game and I keep getting this error message after the intro video.... I know this was a problem with the demo, but now I'm getting it for the real game. Anyone else have the same problem or any solution OTHER than reinstalling the game?
#2Rabid_MexicanPosted 11/17/2009 12:13:22 PM
Try reinstalling :3
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#3StefansZz(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2009 12:14:42 PM
I will if I get no answers and after I get my faster internet. >_>
#4WarHead578Posted 11/21/2009 11:16:19 PM

I have exactly the same problem. After a "Versus" game, I cannot load the game anymore. Have you find a way to fix this problem?

#5WarHead578Posted 11/21/2009 11:32:40 PM

I found a solution finally. You must do a "Verifying Game Cache Files (GCF)".

Check this web page: