Real time kill count?

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4 years ago#1
Having trouble finding a kill count that would be in the hud giving me real time updates on my kills instead of waiting until after the round is over.

Any links?
4 years ago#2
Best I know of is to have a friend in the game and to go your friends list and hit "View Game Info" whenever you get a break. Even that isn't totally accurate, though.

If you find one, please share because I would use it, too.
4 years ago#3
agreed, having an ingame kill count as survivors will let you know who's doing the work in the party. makes for easy vs targets :D
You just lost the game.
4 years ago#4
I wish I knew hot to code because it seems that nobody has done this yet. There is pedobear mod but no kill count. WTF.
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