Seriously considering getting this game for xmas. Have questions.

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4 years ago#1
1. I have a 5gb monthly limit. How big are the patches and does this game still get patches? I can download the patches a few times at a family members' house but I don't want to do it all the time.

2. Does this game have a.i. bots that you can play against in offline?

3. How big are some of the maps? Any "sandbox-ish" maps that are huge? I like outdoor areas that are big.

4. Can you tell me anything about this game? I almost know nothing other than it has zombies.
4 years ago#2
1) Usually new updates come out once per week for L4D 2. How big is the update? Not too big. But Valve is planning a big patch for the Steam workshop. I do not know when though.

2) Yes & No. ( sort of on No ) You cannot play any of the VS modes with all bots. You CAN by setting up console commands. But you have to take some time to learn & use them. However. It is fully possible to play with all bots on all the campaign ( Co - op ) modes.

3) Currently. All the maps from L4D 1 are present on this game. Because of that, maps range from small to large. So you will not have to worry about that. And maps also range from open areas to closed areas. I really cannot say for sure if they will suit you unless you try it for yourself.
4 years ago#3
The answer for your 4th question might be long. That is why I dedicated it to another post.

You generally play as human survivors who have NOT been negatively effected by a virus. You get to control 1 out of the 4 human survivor characters.

If you have played any DOOM games back in the day, then the objective in a map is almost the same. You navigate a map to reach the exit. Or safe house in this game. If & when all 4 survivors are incapacitated and / or dead in any of this combination. It is GAME OVER. The game then sends all players and / or bots back to the start of the stage. Just like DOOM, there are NO checkpoints in a stage. Consider it as a continue / restart should you be overwhelmed.

Although the objective is simple. The actions needed to accomplish survival on a map is not. It also depends on what difficulty you set it to as well. Here are some good tips to help you.

- please PLEASE try to train yourself NOT to shoot teammates. Friendly fire is ALWAYS on in this game. And ANY damage to the survivors is negative. It has NO benefits at all !!

- Shotguns are good for close range combat. But you have to shoot more wisely. As reloading ANY shotgun in this game takes time. Do not waste shells by shooting at far targets.

- Automatic weapons are good for medium to long range. This applies to SMG's & assault rifles. To get the most out of ammunition, aim for the infected enemies head. Both regular zombies & special infected. Try to find laser sights for automatics, as they benefit this class of weapons the most in this game.

- Sniping type weapons should be used long range only. Yea there might be people who say they can use it at any range. But these people are few & far between. Unless you play Friends Only games. And a person you know DOES play well with sniper rifles at any range.

- If you like the pistol side arm, then I recommend upgrading to the Desert Eagle as soon as you can. It is overall better than the default pistol.

- Melee weapons are good for people that do not mind taking risks in close - quarters combat. Also. 2 melee weapons stand out as more effective than the others. I personally find the katana or machete the overall best melee weapons to use.

- The chainsaw has some great uses. However. It has LIMITED fuel. And the gas can items you find on any map DO NOT REFILL the chainsaw. ( Odd I.M.O. ) Should fuel run out. The game automatically gives you the weak default pistol. Decide wisely before taking a chainsaw.

- Please be aware of your surroundings at all times. The special infected are there to kill you. And trapped people HAVE to be saved by another survivor.

- In campaign, you can relax a bit more. Although all 4 survivors should stay together. I have seen & been a part of campaign games where there are 2 groups of 2 people. And they all survive in good standings in any map.

- In ANY map, there is potentially infinite zombies. As you navigate a map, the game times out whats called " Panic Events ". The game then spawns a horde of zombies to assault the survivors. These can happen in most areas in a map. Except for " Crescendo Events "

- Crescendo Events are the mandatory horde fights in a map. Certain maps have events that you HAVE to trigger to proceed further. Some Crescendo Events are not that bad. Some of them spawn infinite zombies that spawn REALLY fast. And the objective is to rush to the safe house. Or die trying.
4 years ago#4
Thanks. Since it gets patches a lot and maybe a big one soon, I may just get it for the xbox 360 version. I guess I'll mostly play that offline, then. Does the xbox 360 version of this game have bots or local splitscreen couch co-op offline?
4 years ago#5
AstronomerJake posted...
Thanks. Since it gets patches a lot and maybe a big one soon, I may just get it for the xbox 360 version. I guess I'll mostly play that offline, then. Does the xbox 360 version of this game have bots or local splitscreen couch co-op offline?

Yes the XBOX 360 version has offline gameplay. And yes it does have split - screen co - op offline. Some things to take in consideration. PC version = playing by keyboard & mouse. XBOX = playing by controller. Think about play style before buying the game.
4 years ago#6
do not buy this for the xbox, all updates are free for the PC, you have to buy each and every map pack for the xbox.

the PC version has mods the xbox version doesnt.

you can use controllers to play the PC version if you so desire but keyboard and mouse are better

xbox controllers work fine but if you want to use a ps3 you'll need to download the DS3 tool and have it emulator an xbox controller or it wont work

the xbox is far inferior to the PC version in every way
Ronnie O'Neal McLendon
08/09/1960 - 11/16/2011
4 years ago#7
correction, there is 1 thing the xbox version does have over the PC version but its not enough to buy it and thats the ability to mute other players

yes there is a way to do it on the PC but its extremely annoying, why valve didnt just add a mute button like they did in the xbox version is beyond me
Ronnie O'Neal McLendon
08/09/1960 - 11/16/2011
4 years ago#8

But Astronomer Jake has a monthly data limit of 5 GB. With updates coming out weekly for the PC version it might cut into it. You also have to consider other needs for the 5 GB of data. Myself. 3 of us share about 100 GB. But I live here in Canada. Prices for internet might be different in the U.S.A.
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  3. Seriously considering getting this game for xmas. Have questions.

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