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I have a question about changing the music when the Tank attacks... (Archived)Milla_Maxwell21/29/2013
Anyone know how to make Nick say "ass"? (Archived)Suiki31/28/2013
Steam L4D 2 Workshop beta is out. You thoughts? (Archived)HHerby31/26/2013
"Frequency out of range"? (Archived)Zikten31/23/2013
just started playing and i want to host for friends. (Archived)analogman31/22/2013
I'm looking for people. (Archived)cow157881/20/2013
Still Something to Prove - changing difficulties (Archived)Brave_Song91/15/2013
This board is pretty dead now (Archived)TheAmazingmuzmo71/12/2013
Too late to get into this game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Ocelot Rising331/7/2013
How to raise the hands that holds the weapons? (Archived)ThePonyCollie51/7/2013
My L4d2 is lagging horribly offline and never used what happened (Archived)celljr8931/4/2013
Why does this games survival mode suck so much? (Archived)oneupper112/29/2012
Rochelle must die in the second Sacrifice (Archived)
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Stoopid question about server list (Archived)megaxleox212/22/2012
How do I join a noobtube server? (Archived)cosmos89212/21/2012
Looking for players to roleplay Clementine with me and ill be your hero (Archived)Agent_12345312/20/2012
Question about Cross Play on Steam (Archived)BlackDragon086312/11/2012
Stupid L4D2 question - New to PC gaming (Archived)Chan Tanaka512/11/2012
Buying this game, do i need to DL or buy anything else? (Archived)Terantatek612/10/2012
why so many bad players still? (Archived)_0blivion_812/4/2012
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