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*Sigh* Fifth game and (Archived)Relax_and_Game28/24/2013
Been away from game for years, what's it like now? Games still possible? (Archived)Fate86108/23/2013
Left 4 Dead 3??!!!!! (Archived)
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Opinions... (Archived)GuyFawkes558/20/2013
L4D3 is coming (Archived)Tiegur98/20/2013
This board is more active than the PC board, so I'm posting here instead. (Archived)OllyKiriyama78/8/2013
All servers (even local) worse than ever. This means the end for Left 4 Dead 2. (Archived)
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Looking for players (Archived)Drunkin_Hippo18/7/2013
Got kicked 3 times in a row within 30 seconds of joining VS (Archived)
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Modded servers/hacking (Archived)BuckeyeChris0388/6/2013
Why am I jumping super high? (Archived)Death_Lingerer48/5/2013
Servers worse than ever (Archived)BuckeyeChris0368/3/2013
looking for some versus teammates (Archived)chopsueyside78/1/2013
Anyone have any custom maps downloaded? (Archived)superglaceonbro37/30/2013
Anyone play this regularly? (Archived)phoneixfencer17/30/2013
Gamer Profile Error? Please Help! (Archived)Lewis230127/27/2013
LEFT 4 DEAD 3 at gamescom??? (Archived)
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Looking to add a group of people to play all campaigns on expert (Archived)dannysmith10157/25/2013
My favourite gun is the M16... (Archived)
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Can a 4gb xbox run this online? (Archived)Anthonyana57/23/2013
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