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If you could see any one L4D Survivor ported to L4D2 - who would it be? (Archived)
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My idea for a REGULAR infected (yea, thats right. NOT a special infected) (Archived)
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Point of a Guy in a Hazmat suit? (Archived)
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The TRUE successor to L4D should be like this... (Archived)howarrob_10076/22/2009
Something amazing about this game. (Archived)adefinitiveact76/22/2009
Gentlemen, I am a big video game developer, so let me address some of your (Archived)
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ATTN: Everyone (boycotters and not) (Archived)
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Valve just announced new content (Archived)B_st_rdZero56/22/2009
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L4D on PS3 (link inside) (Archived)
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