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Mandatory parameters for Expert (Archived)
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Looking for good players! (Archived)Fantomas226745/10/2013
Who ever said the PC community was better than the 360 isn't too bright (Archived)RE2LeonS85/9/2013
getting booted? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Need a group (Archived)ghostboy1234565/2/2013
Realism Vs shouldn't still display subtitles. (Archived)Sega959975/2/2013
I feel like perhaps one of the reasons pubs are the way they are is because of (Archived)Windyligth85/1/2013
This game will forever remain the defining game for my highschool-college years. (Archived)
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just starting (Archived)Hidan62324/26/2013
So remember when that "philosophy of L4D2" thing was going on? (Archived)Windyligth64/26/2013
So, let me get this straight. (Archived)Windyligth24/25/2013
What's your favorite common infected? (Archived)Windyligth14/25/2013
do people still play this? (Archived)jay11289064/24/2013
Finale glitch? (Archived)Fantomas226744/24/2013
Buffing the tank. (Archived)Windyligth44/21/2013
Any ideas for new mutation modes? (Archived)Sega959944/21/2013
Remove one thing/Add one thing to Left 4 Dead 2. (Archived)
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Would you rather 2 new SI, or one new (playable) boss infected? (Archived)Windyligth64/20/2013
Let's talk about how we can avoid a future disaster like Rochell in the future (Archived)
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still.. . (Archived)
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