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Would you rather 2 new SI, or one new (playable) boss infected? (Archived)Windyligth64/20/2013
Let's talk about how we can avoid a future disaster like Rochell in the future (Archived)
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Should survivors or infected be able to get killstreaks? (Archived)
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Sometimes I dig a hole in the ground, sit in it, and pretend I'm a carrot. (Archived)Windyligth83/24/2013
Let Kickstarter Xbox 360 Version Patch (Archived)
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mouse/keyboard users? (Archived)BuckeyeChris0323/20/2013
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L4D2 characters and Infected in RE6, RE6 Infected in L4D2 (Archived)overkill_7853/16/2013
Have enough for two dlcs, which ones should i get? (Archived)JON449553/12/2013