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6 years ago#1
Please help...what is the best tv or monitor to buy strictly for FPS...i have a 50" and it's way too big...i see the pros play with smaller screens...22 inch? could somebody post a brand and model number of the best?

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6 years ago#2

"Smoking is the number one cause of statistics"
6 years ago#3
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6 years ago#4
Yeah I have 22 inch monitor. Its perfect for what I need. Gaming. Lol

This one is what I have, works like a charm. Keep in mind that you will need either HDMI or VGA cable.

Check out neweggs, they have pretty good selections.
6 years ago#5
Wide is what you want to go for. Most games today are made for widescreen.
6 years ago#6
What kind of question is this? Any TV with at least the aspect ratio and small lag is fine. Any TV would be fine though I definitely recommend an HDTV.
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6 years ago#7
No model is the best, but if you want the best looking Monitor get an IPS panel by dell, or of the like.
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6 years ago#8
I have Acer 22'W monitor. It is perfect for a person who usually play one account on xbox. It is purely for gaming.

I stand behind that product and would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a monitor.

Few of my friends have brought it.

Top of that, it is only 150 dollars.

It is HUGE, the picture is misleading. Go to best buy and look at similar products. They are huge.
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