DRM the new BR?

#1R3d_R41d3nPosted 1/16/2010 10:22:53 PM
And it's a semi-auto gun? FUH-REAL?
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#2FullyautomcPosted 1/16/2010 10:46:12 PM
You're looking at me like you asked a question. But really that was a couple statements.
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#3ArgoniaPosted 1/16/2010 10:50:19 PM
I can see this being the fal all over again.....
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#4Lionheart2211Posted 1/17/2010 9:07:06 AM
its called the DMR Bub.
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#5devil mingyPosted 1/17/2010 10:04:46 AM
Or DM Rifle... or Designated Marksman Rifle... or D Marksman Rifle... or Designated MR... etc.
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#6FireRisinWith1nPosted 1/17/2010 1:44:00 PM
With a rifle, the bullets are decently sized, so the recoil is too great to have semi-auto, unless the caliber is lower, and that would suck. If there was a semi auto rifle, it would tear apart.
#7FullyautomcPosted 1/17/2010 2:02:33 PM
1) There should be no recoil on any guns used by a Spartan/Elite. They weigh enough and are strong enough to not have any. On ODST's yes, recoil mechanics. Spartans should not be slowed carrying a turret. ODST' should.

2) The DRM is apparently a stronger 2-hand M6D type weapon. With rapid-tap for CQC needs.

Whether it's eyes shut tight or eyes wide open, it is the fool who doesn't question what they see.
#8FireRisinWith1nPosted 1/17/2010 8:05:16 PM

Not the recoil of the gun kicking back, the recoil of the slide going back. If you fired a gun like that willy nilly, the thing would seize because of the size of the rounds.
#9FullyautomcPosted 1/17/2010 9:40:54 PM
I got what'chya mean. But since these a futuristic weapons, we can consider such things resolved. We've got "portable" guass-canons on jeeps man :)

Remember the weapons themselves canon wise aren't actually what they are in game.

The SMG is really more like a Ak-74 in that it fires 5.56 caseless rounds. The AR is a battle rifle firing 7.62 rounds HE-powder. The BR fires 9.5 rounds and the sniper fires anti-material 14 point-something rounds, both are gas propelled rounds.

Honestly, they got the mechanics down.
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#10GrimHeroPosted 1/18/2010 10:32:46 AM
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