What is the logo next to a name in matchmaking?

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6 years ago#1
like a 3 or a 2 or an assault rifle?
Ive been trying to figure this out for a while now
6 years ago#2
Assault Rifle: Have played the Halo Reach Beta in May 2010
Halo 2 logo: Have played Halo 2 on Xbox Live before April 15, 2010
Halo 3 logo: Play any Campaign level in Halo 3 while connected to Xbox Live
Marathon Durandal symbol: Have Marathon Durandal in your recently played games list and login at Bungie.net
MJOLNIR Mk VI helmet logo: Unlock any 4 of the Halo PC, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST or Halo Reach Beta nameplates
ODST logo: Play Halo 3:ODST while connected to Xbox Live
Original Halo logo: Register your Halo PC product code at Bungie.net
The Septagon (7th Column symbol): Join Bungie.net and login with your Gamertag's email address
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6 years ago#3
it's a nameplate u get from bungie.net, the "2" and "3" are nameplates from Halo 2 and 3, if u played them with ur existing gamertag.
6 years ago#4
I wish I was still demonicshamrock
6 years ago#5
What about the DMR Logo?
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6 years ago#6
What about the blue star?
6 years ago#7
what about the one that says "Halo"
6 years ago#8
What about the DMR Logo?--
Buy Bungie Pro.
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6 years ago#9
Why don't I have a "3" logo then? I played through Halo 3 in its entirety and played the multiplayer when it came out on my existing xbl account.
6 years ago#10
You need to link your account on bungie.net to your gamer tag and then set it up.

Now I have a good question, I understand they have the "Halo" one which is unlocked from using the UPC or whatever from halo pc, but what is the circle one with the dot in the middle?
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  3. What is the logo next to a name in matchmaking?

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