Bungie working with sony ..

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5 years ago#1
That's kinda disappointing ..

5 years ago#2
after they pretty much aborted Reach to 343
this was to be expected
5 years ago#3
Further, a Sony Activision Bungie threesome.
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5 years ago#4
World of Guitar Hero:Black ops (MasterCheif edition)
5 years ago#5
This was announced on the 29th April 2010.

Bit late to the party...
Isn't that right Zach?
5 years ago#6
That's kinda disappointing ..

Why? All it is is a console. Honestly, I'm more worried about them working with Activision. They aren't exactly known to be kind to their developers...
5 years ago#7
If things don't go well, they, like Double Fine, will simply leave.

Most developers (if I'm understanding the relationship between developer and publisher correctly) don't write themselves into a contract where they're obligated to stay with the publisher or get sued for all of their bananas. If things fall through with one of their games, the publisher will either release them from their control or the developer will, most likely, leave so they can have more control over their projects.

Game developers know when they're being pushed around, and most won't stand for it.
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5 years ago#8
Working with Sony??? WTF why?? We've always had Bungie and this is unfair!!!

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5 years ago#9
twice the market, cant blame them
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5 years ago#10
"Working with Sony??? WTF why?? We've always had Bungie and this is unfair!!!"

Replace "Sony" with "Microsoft" and that's probably the reaction most Mac gamers had back in 1999 (give or take a year).
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