gray fox code?

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4 years ago#71
1:03 AM Central Time and code still doesn't work. :(
4 years ago#72
Still not working on east coast
gt :Legos Gamer
4 years ago#73
Anybody have an update on the code? i'm kinda in the same boat and waiting to play once i get the skin.
4 years ago#74
It still does not work as of 6:34 AM EST.
4 years ago#75
Hmm...the Japanese release is on the 21st. If it start magically working at that time, there's no way it couldn't have been on purpose. The Japanese WOULD do some spiteful stuff like that.
4 years ago#76
8:51 Central North America time. Not working "There is a problem with the offer associated with this code."
4 years ago#77
Man I still haven't opened the game yet.
gt :Legos Gamer
4 years ago#78
10:09 EST time. still doesnt work

i sense the spitefulness coming xD
your like sugar with boobs. Reading your posts gives me diabetes. _mimi_
4 years ago#79
I'm soooooo angry right now, we should all go on their Twitter and vent our anger
4 years ago#80
Still waiting here also. Why is there no official info or acknowledgement of this? The mention on the receipt showed that this problem is a known issue, but Konami has said nothing that I can find.

It was annoying yesterday. Today it is infuriating.

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