So what's the difference between quick save and regular save?

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Quick Save if you fail is save again, you'll be restarted back to your previous regular save. Kinda of like pausing the game and being able to turn it off at the same time, yet still be about at the same place as before.
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pretty much nothing
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Quick Save: A temporary stopping point and nothing more. Quick Saves can only be re-loaded ONCE. They are never used when you run out of lives- so they can't be used for saving progress if you're worried about that.

Normal Save: Basically a permanent checkpoint. Yourmost recentnormal save iswhat the game loads when you run out of lives. The game does a normal save whenever you complete a sub-fortress, final fortress, or airship level. But that's it.

One fact of note here: Once you defeat Bowser- quick saves are completely replaced by normal saves in that save slot. You never have to worry about losing progress ever again in that save.

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If you've played Majora's Mask, then it's like the owl saves.
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From: Meekois
So what's the difference between quick save and regular save?

The game's booklet tells you this. You know, the thing made of paper that came in the box.

From: Nate794
pretty much nothing

This is absolutely incorrect.

Quick saves are temporary while regular saves are permanent. If you load up your quick save game, that quick save is automatically gone and automatically reverts back to the last regular save. If you should happen to run out of lives, turn off the game, or power blinks out, your quick save is gone and you're back to your last regular save, whenever that was. Regular saves are infinitely better than quick saves.

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