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2-1 is the cheapest piece of crap I've ever seen. (Archived)
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In what levels does Toad appear? (Archived)
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8-7 is awesome! (Archived)DarkPhoenix42429/28/2012
this game is way harder than NSMB2 (Archived)gumbyxcore9959/17/2012
A few quick questions on the Sparkling Stars (Archived)Tales_of_10139/11/2012
Whats the point of a score? (Archived)deafinishun109/10/2012
The super skills movie clips inspired me a lot! (Archived)Angel_Bow29/5/2012
Oh I get it (Archived)tangnets49/5/2012
Are the worlds in this game always this tough? (Archived)padurru89/1/2012
The propeller suit makes this game too easy. (Archived)
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I'm the coolest >:I (Archived)
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Same as DS version? (Archived)kidasman66/18/2012
Just got this game! (Archived)
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Hardest level (Archived)FriesWithShake46/4/2012
Working on save file #3 (Archived)RikuTails2555/22/2012
Beating all the bosses as "Mini Mario" (Archived)FriesWithShake55/20/2012
couple quick questions before buying (Archived)Citan2295/18/2012
Why did they make both the Ice Flower and the Penguin Suit? (Archived)
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Online and Level editing would have really prolonged this games lifespan (Archived)iron_defense55/4/2012
anyway to shut off the shaking jump? (Archived)Yokem35/3/2012
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