Missable Djinns

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The below is adapted from Ben_not_benny's excellent guide with the purpose to be slightly less spoilerific

- PONR: Rief joins the party
Mars - Forge - Patcher's Place
Jupiter - Gust - Goma Highlands Path
Mercury - Chill - Carver's Camp
Mars - Fever - World Map (South of Carver's Camp / West of Konpa Gate )
Venus - Flower - Konpa Gate
Jupiter - Jolt - Konpa Ruins
TABLET: Zagan - Logging area west of Konpa Ruins

- PONR: Activating the eclipse

Venus - Brick Harapa
Jupiter - Doldrum - Craggy Peak Ruins
Mars - Fury - Te Rya
Mercury - Dewdrop - Teppe Ruins (needs fishing rod from Te Rya)
Venus - Vine - Teppe Ruins
Mercury - Torrent Belinsk
Mercury - Spout Belinsk
Venus - Gears - World Map (North of Border Town)
Jupiter - Sirocco - Border Town
Venus - Furrow - Island to the west of Port Rago
Mercury - Coral - Port Rago Docks
Venus - Garland - Kolima Village
Mars - Glare - Phantasmal Bog
Jupiter - Wisp - Saha Cistern
Mercury - Teardrop - Kolim Forest
Jupiter - Puff - Talon Peak
TABLET: Moloch - Cave northwest of Craggy Peak
TABLET: Ulysses - Mine northwest of Border Town
TABLET: Haures - Inn at Border Town (Need to have Dream Leaf from Kolima)

- PONR: Getting on the ship

Venus - Chasm - Belinsk Ruins
Mercury - Pincer Belinsk
TABLET: Eclipse - Tower at Belinsk
TABLET: Crystal Dragon - Belinsk Opera House
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Beautiful! Tagged. Thanks for the work
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You win an internet, good sir!
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This should be stickied to stop the flood of these topics :D.
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At first I was going to ask what about all the djinn's at the southern main continent... then I remembered you could go back there.

Great guide!
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Good stuff, thanks.
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Isn't there another PONR when you get on the clouds? I remember Karis saying you can't come back. It's the only one with any bit of warning.
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So, is this a 100% complete and accurate list?
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You should double-check all this info, and then compile it into a guide (with credit to Benny of course).
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