Class FAQ: Class Requirements, Djinn, Psynergy, and New Class stats

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bump before it's too late.
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From: Teremei | Posted: 1/23/2011 5:49:17 AM | #061
bump before it's too late.

How so?
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I would request for sticky if I were a higher level.
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From: SunnySaladin_ | Posted: 2/13/2011 2:37:18 PM | #063
I would request for sticky if I were a higher level.

It already is a sticky, you silly goose!
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Am i doing something wrong?
My mathew is 27
I have him with 6 water and 1 earth Djinn
But he wont go past cavalier
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All the good classes have Jupiter as secondary/tertiary, which means more than 5 levels in the primary are needed...
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Venus/Mars party D:
Ronin, Master and Dragoon seem effective.
I hate those guys though.
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MileRun posted...

Wow. That's some crazy attack...

Indeed, but keep in mind that you'll get at most two attacks out of the Savage Fiend (or only one, if your Sveta was a Gladiator before using Beastform), given that one of her Djinn will go into recovery at the end of each turn. Then again, you're stepping down from 360% attack to 320% attack, so... :P

actually, she doesnt lose the djinn every turn. the game keeps track of how long sveta has been in beast form, and then when she reverts, the necessary number of djinn all go on standby at once. so if she went into beast form with 9 djinn, she'll still have 9 djinn (and therefore remain a savage fiend) until she reverts and loses djinn.
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This game has such a customizable set of fighters... Yet so few occasions where one's pushed to put any thought into them!

It's truly regrettable. But at least there's Dullahan.
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Dullahan FTW.
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I really do love Dullahan.