rank them purple coin missions!

    4 years ago #13
    Yes, I also take roughly the same route with Luigi Purple Coin Chaos as with Luigi Purple Choins. However, some difficult jumps are not necessary anymore and the rotating tiles are also gone. Risk of dying because of the level design is lowered. You just need to execute. I completed SMG2 twice, the first time it took me one try to beat LPCC, the second time three tries. While I still have troubles with LPC. But once you mastered this one, LPCC is a walk-in-the-park.

    I forgot to mention: even though SMG1 has better Purple Coin Challenges, I do not like the time consuming ones, like Honeyhive Galaxy and especially Seaslide. I think most players agree with me. I actually died in Seaslide once after I collected all the 100 coins on my way to the star. Just fell of the Island. *Epic Fail*