rank them purple coin missions!

    4 years ago #22
    I had such a blast with Luigi's Purple Coins in SMG1 that I tried the self-imposed challenge of trying to get all 150 coins and the star within the time limit - with both Mario and Luigi - and eventually did it. What can I say? I found the frenetic pace of it all pretty fun, even though I don't always enjoy that kind of thing in other challenges. So yeah, the Coin Chaos one wasn't too daunting after that - though adding the shadow clones was pretty cool.

    By the way... The most epic part of some of the purple coin challenges? The cold, heartless creatures at the end of them, who award the star if you succeed. Because...if you fail? Then you essentially get this reaction from the gearmo or woodland creature or whatever:

    'Oh, you got 98 purple coins? That was close, nice job! But not close enough - and now I will take your soul!'

    "Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson