rank them purple coin missions!

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2 years ago#21
I know the frustration- it seem dealing with the wigglers at the end sometimes makes it hard to line Mario back up in the middle of the path to grab the final row of purple coins. Even though these coins aren't mandatory (if you already have 100 that is) most of the time I end up with 97, 98 or 99 coins. It's really stinky!
2 years ago#22
I had such a blast with Luigi's Purple Coins in SMG1 that I tried the self-imposed challenge of trying to get all 150 coins and the star within the time limit - with both Mario and Luigi - and eventually did it. What can I say? I found the frenetic pace of it all pretty fun, even though I don't always enjoy that kind of thing in other challenges. So yeah, the Coin Chaos one wasn't too daunting after that - though adding the shadow clones was pretty cool.

By the way... The most epic part of some of the purple coin challenges? The cold, heartless creatures at the end of them, who award the star if you succeed. Because...if you fail? Then you essentially get this reaction from the gearmo or woodland creature or whatever:

'Oh, you got 98 purple coins? That was close, nice job! But not close enough - and now I will take your soul!'

"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
2 years ago#23
Welcome back Rocky! Great Kelly Clarkson song b y the way- I already told you this though. :) Congrats on getting all 150 coins in Luigi's Purple Coins. I haven't come close- I think 115 was the most I've ever managed to grab. I love this stage like crazy regardless. Oh and by the way- all that worrying I did that the Boss Blitz speedrun would be impossible was me exaggerating a little- I'll still die sometimes (ahem, fire piranha, ahem!) but usually I can complete it within 4 or 5 tries.
(edited by friendlydude)
2 years ago#24
I thought the TC was about 10 but then he's an ancient.. so I'm guessing he's high.
2 years ago#25
I like these ones...

Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow

Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint

Purple Coin Spin Speed Run

Purple Coin Shadow Vault

Purple Coins On the Rainbow Road

Purple Coin Beach Dash

Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide

I dislike these two....

Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos

The Adventure of the Purple Coins
2 years ago#26
^ Good man not liking the Adventures of the Purple Coins! Worst stage in the game I believe! Oh and 111095, I *am* high! High as a kite drifting over Vietnam
2 years ago#27
9) Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint - This is really easy and doesn't really exploit the gimmick of the galaxy. I mean, yes, it is present and constantly required but... it's just that you have to make most of your jumps end with a spin and a few of them not. It's... underwhelming.
8) Purple Coin Shadow Vault - Short and overly forgiving for a Cosmic Clone stage but still fun, I guess
7) Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow - It is a bit better about using the gimmick compared to Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint but it still has a lot of potential waiting to be unlocked. Then again, I never was the atmospheric type, so maybe the background and music are lost on me.
6) Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide - Most of it is fun but the end is a bit lackluster.... For some reason, I find that part to be easy. I am always positioned well there and I do not know why. *shrugs*
5) Purple Coin Beach Dash - Short and sweet, but still short
4) Purple Coin Spin Speed Run - This is what I wanted to see out of the Spin Drill! It isn't all that hard (for the record, all the Purple Coins can be obtained without the Spin Jump but for the ones you "needed" it for, you need to drop from somewhere or do a Wall Jump to get to them)
3) Purple Coins On the Rainbow Road - This one is not very forgiving but it is quite doable and challenging. It only gets here because the Star Ball is fun to control and sometimes difficulty is nice.
2) The Adventure of the Purple Coins - It is a little challenging but what I really like about it (as with the whole galaxy) is the excellent and inventive way of using the gravity. It leaves a little to be desired, but...
1) Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos - I like Cosmic Clone missions (when they actually do something with the Cosmic Clones) and this one is appreciatively difficult, even if not as much as it could be. I find it to be about the same difficulty as Luigi's Purple Coins but more fun.
Sorry, can't talk; switching feet!
God has forged the tools of logic people use to denounce Him.
2 years ago#28
Those are fighting words puttin' Adventures of the Purple Coins at no. 2!

Put 'em up!!! It's fighting time!!!

*BlanketPI punches me in the face*

Alright ALRIGHT, you're stronger than me. You can keep it at no. 2 :p
2 years ago#29
friendlydude posted...
Those are fighting words puttin' Adventures of the Purple Coins at no. 2!

Put 'em up!!! It's fighting time!!!

*BlanketPI punches me in the face*

Alright ALRIGHT, you're stronger than me. You can keep it at no. 2 :p

why why why. Just stop.
2 years ago#30
Alright I'll stop...

in the name of love!

before you break my heart!

think it o-o-ver

*sing it with me*
(edited by friendlydude)
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