rank them purple coin missions!

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Bumpy bumped back road rides
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two big watermelons- one for you, the other for me. who will get the ripe one?
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*hugs 111095* ^_^

What? Excuse that random hug but I havent seen Stam in number format in ages.... ._.
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I like being hugged too. Hug me!!
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*bro-hugs friendlydude* :D
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Alright, being hugged. Feels good :p
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Wow, I'm STILL struggling with the Adventure of the Purple Coins! Are the coins in the same exact spot every time you play it? Because I swear some of them are out of reach, unless I was lucking out the first couple times by landing on the rotating platforms that just happened to be right where the purple coins are located. Really tricky level and after an hour of losing lives, it's easily in the top 5 most annoying stars in the game.
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Yes they are all in the exact location.
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It's actually the first two wheels that give me the most trouble since there's no solid ground beneath those ones. I'm working my way through the first one better now, but the second one... that one sure is a legitimate pain in the poophole.
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Hello! Well, I'm in the process of playing through SMG2 right now (first time ever). I'm currently on World 6, so I thought I would rank some of the purple coin missions I've played so far. I do this now for two reasons: a) This thread is likely to be archived by the time I finish this game, and b) The Prankster Comet just appeared over Clockworks Galaxy, so I'm procrastinating subjecting myself to the hell that The Adventure of the Purple Coins is inevitably going to be. =(

(These are listed in the order in which you find them in-game, not my personal ranking or anything like that.)

Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint
Madness! Horror! This one was really, really hard and annoying for me. I guess it's because I psyched myself out too much for it, I would tend to panic whenever those Chomps started bearing down on me, and--worst of all--I developed this habit in the first SMG, carried over into SMG2, of spinning at the end of all my jumps just in case. It was really hard to unlearn that here when I was in a hurry under the strict time limit. =(

Purple Coin Shadow Vault
This one wasn't so bad, all the coins in one place. The Cosmic Clones made things just interesting enough that I learned to plan my route such that I would have minimal run-ins with them. It was a good, rousing challenge.

Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide
This one is fun! It's probably one of the harder missions, but you don't feel it as much because it goes by so fast. Also, there were two times IN A ROW that I ended the course with 99 coins. Ninety-friggin'-nine. Still, at least it's quick and enjoyable.

Purple Coin Spin Speed Run
I absolutely detest this mission. I hate the changing gravity, the placement of the coins (such that a few are unreachable if you don't happen to fall on them upon entering the room, thus forcing you all the way around the house again, taking up too much time). It wasn't particularly fun or enjoyable at all.

Purple Coin Beach Dash
This one's even faster than Tall Trunk! I had trouble on this one a few times by having such bad control of Yoshi that he would run AROUND hot peppers at the end of a line of coins. Needless to say, if that happens, you may as well suicide because you don't have enough time to recover. When I kept from doing that, though, I got 100+ easily enough.

Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow
I really liked this one. It was a rare purple coin quest that was untimed, so it felt almost leisurely, like a breather course. I definitely appreciated it.

The Adventure of the Purple Coins
This one looks like it's going to be awful, just awful. I know how wonky the gravity physics on those rotating cogs can be, and I'm NOT looking forward to hunting down 100 coins under that time limit. That said, I had no real problem collecting 30 coins for the Hungry Luma, so who knows?

Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos
I haven't gotten to World S yet, but this one looks like it should be more manageable (and more fun) than its analog in the original SMG.

Purple Coins On the Rainbow Road
I haven't gotten to World S yet, but this one looks positively INSANE. "Coin you do it??"
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