rank them purple coin missions!

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I liked the Cosmic Clones a lot. :/
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They were all fairly OK but...

Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos. That was a pincher. Gotta love the planning aspect of it, I had to play through a few times just to get an idea of what sort of path I needed. So much fun though.
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Yes a real pincher, a bunghole pincher :) Seriously I can understand people have trouble with that one since you have all those routes to make, and you can't afford to make a single mistake or you will kiss death right on his lips.
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If I were to mess up on Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos, it'd be when I have 85 coins. This is when I usually find myself crossing into a clone or two while grabbing the rest of the coins, since the clones are usually clustered together near the beginning due to all kinds of zig zagging requirements (upon my return) due to the way the purple coins are spaced apart.
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Twirling purple coins on top of a beach tent that serve as a perfect fireworks explosion for the upcoming 4th of July holiday
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but nothing can prepare you for the swarm of mosquitos- I'm so itchy right now I want to scratch my skin to a bloody mess. It's the only way to relieve the itching.
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ranking purple coins for the good of mankind!
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picking up a sneaker with a bumblebee nest inside- not an ideal adventure.
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they will sting your feet, even if you believe your feet are heavy enough to smash them first!
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Last night a mouse actually bit or pinched my big toe on my right foot while I was online. I nearly jumped up in shock, haha. It was sort of hilarious watching me act like a little girl over a freakin' mouse.