how many 1-ups ARE there in the first level?

#1friendlydudePosted 5/3/2013 9:46:09 AM(edited)
At least 10, maybe more! Let me know if I'm forgetting any.

- In the beginning you can go down an orange pipe. 1-up on the other side.

- Shortly after, after you star launch to another planet, you can see one above a disappearing platform.

- Right next to this you can hit a giant coin and follow the trail of colorful music notes that takes you to 3 1-ups.

- Up ahead you can play the easy mini game of using invincibility to destroy the piranha plants. 3 more 1-ups.

- Before launching to the boss fight, there's a 1-up behind a wall of a platform. This one's somewhat easy to miss because you don't suspect anything will be there.

- You should have 100-150 star bits by this point. Another 1-up.

I know I'm forgetting one or two!
#2friendlydude(Topic Creator)Posted 5/3/2013 12:52:57 PM
Oh, I missed two more!

- The one where you're riding the platform that goes around in a circle (cool effect by the way). There's a 1-up in the air.

- When you jump off the same platform near the bottom, there' s a 1-up hidden in the glass which you have to spin to break.

I have a feeling I'm missing one more somewhere.
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friendlydude posted...
- You should have 100-150 star bits by this point. Another 1-up.

If we're countign star bits you could technically kill yourself over and over again to replay the level for morwe star bits and get 9 lives from them. <.< >.>
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#4friendlydude(Topic Creator)Posted 5/4/2013 7:57:53 AM(edited)
True, but I'm assuming that you wouldn't die. Besides -I could be wrong about this I admit- I don't think every stage even has 100 star bits if you were to go through the entire stage without dying. Stages like Clockwork Ruins Galaxy comes to mind.

Also, since we're talking about deaths and obtaining 1-ups, the first stage perhaps contains the second best way to get easy 1-ups. The place with the giant coin and 3 1-ups, plus the invincibility game with 3 more, plus the extra 1-up on the side above the disappearing platform that you can't miss.... you could technically get 7 1-ups in a row, die, and come back for 7 more each time. Almost too good to be true!