I finished SMG 2, should I get SMG 1?

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User Info: darkmidst

3 years ago#1
If I finished Super Mario Galaxy 2, is part 1 different enough to spend the time and money to buy and play through part 1?

User Info: pedigreehhh1088

3 years ago#2
I prefer 2, but yea 1 is different enough. Plus you can get it for like $20.

User Info: Sparx555

3 years ago#3
If you liked SMG2, then yeah, definitely. It is a bit easier but it's clearly different (other than the obvious "you play as Mario and go through these galaxies to get to the end" and a few levels are similar, but it's still a completely different game), and just as fun. :p
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User Info: friendlydude

3 years ago#4
You shouldn't even hesitate- grab SMG1 NOW!

User Info: The Vic Viper

The Vic Viper
3 years ago#5
Yes. While not quite as good, it is a fantastic game.

Plus, it'll make Throwback Galaxy even better.
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User Info: xdiesp6

3 years ago#6
I did the same, and I would advise against playing them back to back: wait until a year at least has passed, or you will not enjoy it fully. The reason being that Mario Galaxy 2 is very thorough in using its formula to the fullest, so you would feel annoyed by the many training levels and indifferent before the many recycled elements. Don't get me wrong, a platformer game is its own levels: Mario Galaxy has a load of masterpiece ones, but you really want to look at them with a fresh mind.
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