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sign here if you want VA in this game (Archived)
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Any Online Possibly? (Archived)
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Will Star Galaxy be in this? (Archived)MewtwoEx66/6/2009
U r mr g a y too! (Archived)Javier68726/6/2009
I was just about to say that the next Mario game shouldn't have a space theme... (Archived)19840076/6/2009
i hope captain falcon is unlockable in this for getting all stars in 0.1 seconds (Archived)mangoe_man348966/6/2009
Please, Nintendo, just put Daisy in the game. (Archived)
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Two cool nostalgic level ideas! (Archived)Austin_4e46/6/2009
I'm hoping.. (Archived)ImGanondorfLol66/6/2009
Mario: Chaos Theory (Archived)sithmaster1536/5/2009
Super Mario Galaxy 2???!!!!! (Archived)Matthew41926/5/2009
I miss Bowser Juniors Sunshine voice... (Archived)MBBDarigon16/5/2009
great, mario galaxy 2 (Archived)zzamaro106/5/2009
Sign here if you hope this is the last SMG game (Archived)
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Oh come on.... (Archived)SecretGamer300086/5/2009
The trailer was only two minutes, people (Archived)PT_Piranha96/5/2009
Galaxy was great but I would rather be back at the mushroom kingdom... (Archived)ThE MaSTeR 336/5/2009
So what galaxies are coming back? (Archived)nentindo106/5/2009
Hubby hub hub (Archived)trenken96/5/2009
Wait...Mario can breath in space but not underwater? (Archived)
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