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Metroid Wars: Revival (Archived)
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If Adam was a one-man team, would the story be less awkward? (Archived)Werndan10154/4/2014
This game actually sold pretty well (Archived)
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Why wasn't Ocarina of Time bashed for the same reason as Other M? (Archived)
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:: Limitless :: Metroid Prime : Hunters Montage :: (Archived)x-Limitless-x13/23/2014
Metroid wars V.1[The war of light and dark aether] (Archived)heroven13/19/2014
Is Sakamoto not allowed to talk to the media anymore? (Archived)
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This game is Metroid's Super Mario Sunshine (Archived)
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So for a guy who has neve really played Metroid... (Archived)
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Retro Studios hiring AI and UI engineers for new project (Archived)
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My review of Metroid: Other M (Archived)snazzyCAT53/11/2014
0% glitch? Help! (Archived)ultlifeform32/26/2014
How does the Metroid fanbase feel about the official confirmation... (Archived)Werndan10132/25/2014
Something I'm curious about. (Archived)
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Magical Girl Lyrical Samus (Archived)Ebb199352/16/2014
Confession Time (Archived)Chimino42/15/2014
Need Help! (Archived)G4m3r43v4r12/15/2014
So I just finished this game... (Archived)dunebeetle42/15/2014
As much as people hated this game...... I enjoyed it. (Archived)Jx101092/12/2014
New suit ideas (Archived)KarlChurch52/8/2014
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