#1pup daddyPosted 6/27/2010 9:45:52 AM
Is it any good? I want to get it..
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#2ExelxPosted 6/27/2010 10:36:31 AM
hmm, the soundtrack are made by Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts composer), Manami Kiyota and ACE+

and i don't really know how to judge music, maybe you can try listen to download version before you buy the real thing
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#3KelVarnsenPosted 6/27/2010 1:09:02 PM
I've only heard about 5 or 6 tracks from the soundtrack, but they're incredible, one of the better soundtracks I've heard in recent years. I suspect the rest of it is probably excellent, too.
#4GazelMinistryPosted 6/27/2010 2:54:09 PM
The soundtrack is very good. Considering that it's Shimomura, this is not a surprise. I'd recommend it.

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#5zoharemulatorPosted 6/27/2010 8:28:52 PM
Yasunori Mitsuda also did the ending theme.
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#6SandylecuistotPosted 6/28/2010 2:19:47 PM
It's principaly Manami Kiyota, then Ace+, Shimomura did 11 tracks only
(on 4 Discs 20-25 tracks each)
I have uploaded the complete ost on youtube if you want some exemples.

Exemple of good track (from Manami Kiyota) :

The sountrack is great because there are a lot of people on it
and they have worked on Unity, it's well done.

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