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5 years ago#1
What time/where in the Residential District does Jiroque appear? I've literally sat around all day in the Residential District multiple times and never saw him.
5 years ago#2
he appears only at night, go to the menu and skip time. Read the conversation next time.
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5 years ago#3
night time, iirc
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5 years ago#4
I've done but I cant find Marsha anywhere to talk her the second time! Anyone can help?
5 years ago#5
he's in the same place where you can find the old man that trade zirconia rubies

you'll find him punching a tree
5 years ago#6
Marsha is a him?? lol

Maybe you didn't understand.

I've already given the biscuits. I cannot find the person that committed me the mission XD

It says I must go back to talk to Marsha
5 years ago#7
I could be wrong, but iirc, she's in the commercial district, early morning.. set the time to like, 9am.
5 years ago#8
i'm sorry i was replying to minamo

if you have trouble finding the quest-giver check the affinity chart for the hours they roam around and your quest log under the "running" section for the place where you accepted the quest in the first place
5 years ago#9
could someone give a more detailed account of where to find jiroque? I'm in the residential district and its night time and I still can't find him punching any trees...
5 years ago#10
the area where the old man exercises
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