[Sticky] All Achievements, all Landmarks, all Locations (spoilers)

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Lol I'd been wondering when this topic would finally get to fifty posts; it had been sitting at forty-nine for so long haha
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Second Mars rover, Bicuriousity, also open to exploring Uranus
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I can't believe I haven't looked at this until now.
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Alright, sento! Bringing the topic into the new year!
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Wow I didn't even look at the date of the last post

This guide is really useful for all the little things I missed
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From: Antilles | #022
Am I seeing this right? There's an achievement for fully developing three of Fiora's skill branches... Isn't that, well, insanely impractical?

Well, at the end of the game you have plenty of points anyway.
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I love this game.
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Man! I was really hoping to see last year's date on the last post time. Ok, no one post for a year and go!
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your list lack one landmark Junks Decks battle with Telethia right after Mechonis Core event