Can someone please explain to me how to fight?

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3 years ago#1
This is one of the worst experiences I have ever had in a battle system for a game, it is so frustrating and stupid it makes me want to just give up on the game and sell it. I am seriously having second thoughts on supporting this game. I hate this "auto attack" bull crap. Why can't there just be an attack button? Shulk NEVER attacks. The tutorial says "move towards an enemy and "auto attack" well where is my auto attack? It never comes! I've only gotten as far as I have by dying a million times and using my special arts. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an attack button? Am I the only person being frustrated over this?
3 years ago#2
are you using....skills?
3 years ago#3
Are you fighting multiple enemies and targeting the one that far away instead of the one standing in front of you?

You sound like someone who barely even try to play the game or trolling around with stupid examples.
3 years ago#4
Auto attacks are slow and not very powerful. They're really only used to fill the talent gauge and waste time between attacks. Really you should just spam arts. Don't try to run away from the enemy just run at him and stay there.
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3 years ago#5
I assure you I am not trolling around, I am seriously having some troubles with the battle system. I am targeted on the right enemy that I want to be attacking but it never seems to work. I'm unsure if I am even doing any damage to anything. All I am asking for is some help understanding the battle system a bit better not being accused of trolling.
3 years ago#6
Start by clenching the digits in your hands until they're curled up in your palm. This is called a fist. Then, put your fists and arms in front of your face to defend yourself and deflect hits from your opponent by blocking with your arms/moving out of the way. As soon as you see an opening, move your fists fast against your opponent's face. If done correctly, you'll hear a crunching sound and you'll stagger him. Rinse and repeat until he hopefully gives up or falls over. This is how you fight on a basic level.
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3 years ago#7
Is there a way to get my skills to come back faster? My main issue is really just dying when being overpowered by enemies after having to wait for my skills to come back.
3 years ago#8
Serious answer this time, if you're having trouble waiting for arts to cool down, just try not to pick fights with too many enemies at once. If they're in a pack, press up on the d-pad before starting a battle and press A on the Lure icon (the one that looks like a arcing arrow) to lure one of the enemies away and fight only that one. Arts instantly cool down between battles, so you won't have to wait if you want to fight the others after defeating the one(s) you lured away.
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3 years ago#9
I just got the game and am only a few hours in, so I'm not an expert..but it seems to me that you're misunderstanding the basics of the game.

It's not an action RPG. You won't be running up, attacking, blocking/dodging, running back etc. It should go something like this:

(note: I'm using the nun chuck style controller)

1) Tap Z when approaching an enemy to target the enemy. This will bring up the skill bar on the bottom of the screen.

2) Approach that targeted enemy

3) Launch any of the attacks/skills on the bottom of the screen to initiate combat

That's about it. At that point your characters will begin to auto-attack. As the name implies, auto-attack is automatic at this point and will continue throughout the fight. You can move around the enemy and select your various skills as you see fit. The only big thing to keep in mind is your general positioning relative to the targeted enemy, ie; if you move too far away from the enemy, you can't attack it, auto-attack or otherwise.

All skills on the bottom will have a diagonal line through them to indicate that you are too far from the enemy to attack it. Positioning will matter for attacks such as Back Lash which does more damage if used from behind the enemy (a good opener on non-aggressive enemies) or Slit Edge which lowers the enemy's physical defense if used from the enemy's side.

That's about as simply as I can describe the basics as I understand them. There are more complicated aspects of comb at that seem to be unlocking as I play like Chain Attacks and such. But master the basics first.
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3 years ago#10
Just tap the button to lock on once dont hold it or else it will keep switching between enemies I made that mistake at first then select the battle symbol to start you will auto attack and then just select abilities when fighting.
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