Last JRPG I tried playing was Radiant Historia

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4 years ago#1
...which was another critically acclaimed JRPG with "a mature story, interesting characters, fun gameplay." I played it for about 12 hours before dropping it. Couldn't stand the cliched characters: the extremely perky (and only) female, the tough tank friend with HUGE armor, the gentle/intelligent male mage, the "badass" protagonist.

The perky female does quick DPS. If there was a "gentle" female (aka Love Interest), she would have been the Healer. I'm guessing she would have appeared eventually, but I quit the game before then. These are 100% NOT characters I would consider "interesting."

My favorite JRPG storyline was Suikoden IV. It didn't have a "main bad guy". Everyone, including the villain, was trying to do their best for the land. The main character wasn't running around, able to do everything perfectly his first try. Every one of your party members had a logical reason for following him mindlessly, as JRPG party members do.

I strongly suspect I'd like Xenoblade Chronicles' gameplay. It's just the story that's keeping me from plunking down $, maybe I should give up on JRPGs altogether. I probably wouldn't even like Suikoden 4 if I tried playing it today!
Kal Ort Por
4 years ago#2
So are you asking us to give a crap, or what?
4 years ago#3
You bring back fond memories dude. Radiant Historia was excellent.
4 years ago#4
I'm still trying to go through it.

The battle system is quite fun. Kinda wish the player side was 3x3 though.
4 years ago#5
My lack of caring ... So strong.
Sonic: Experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows.
4 years ago#6
So...given what I like and don't like in JRPGs, should I try Xenoblade Chronicles? It's not at the local rental. I'd either have to pay $50, or wait for a price drop.

The "Radiant Historia was awesome" responses make me think I should probably stay away from XC...darn it all.
Kal Ort Por
4 years ago#7
Well then, toss off.
4 years ago#8
I think you shpuld stay away from this game.
The characters are fairly generic on the first look, so that might be enough to scare you off.
4 years ago#9
it sounds like you dont like JRPGs at all. if you cant handle cliches, you cant handle the genre.
4 years ago#10
Really isn't even cliche.

It is called ARCHETYPAL.
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