C/D: Metal Face is such a stupid name. (Spoilers!)

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Who are actual people. Well, robot people.

Not machines with people inside.
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LordRattergun posted...
Well, it's that or Black Face, take your pick.

I would have prefered they keep the original name (not least because it's annoying hearing one name and reading another) and let people just deal with it.

It's seriously pathetic that perfectly innocent content needs to be edited in order to prevent people from whining about racism where there is clearly none.
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Fun fact: the Italian translation restores the name "Black Face" while eliminating the racial connotation by leaving "Face" in English while translating "Black" in Italian. Same for all the other Faces.
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HoratioCraw posted...
i like it because then i can pretend the localisers were really into MF DOOM

Well, Metal Face IS a supervillain.
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