What do I do with all these items?

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The list is written like that to be as spoiler-free as possible, there's no listing of where to get the items or what quest they're for. I don't mind spinning that out into a more detailed FAQ, though.

I'd like the locale, since that would make this a one-stop solution for item management.

I'm assuming that's locale of monster that drops the item, not where the quest is

Also, I've discovered that after the Ether Mine, your "random loot" capacity expands to 120. It's 150 upon reaching the Eryth Sea.

I distinctly remember only seeing 3 pages of 3 things and I'm up to Mechonis Field --- this would be a good thing to understand.

I'm pretty sure that it goes roughly by party member: In the Ether Mine itself, there's only three pages of 30. Now I have five pages under that tab and, once again, I'm in the Eryth Sea in the current playthrough.

If I were to organise a FAQ, should it be by Loot Name (Advanced Frame -> Yolkless Flamii Egg) or by approximate monster level (Beach Krabble -> whatever, I don't feel like checking right now)?

Definitely by Loot Name in alpha order --- that'll be the fastest look up.

...not sorted by locale, then?

Further thought on formatting:

Use letter Ohs, for checkboxes --- Capitals O for things in large bags which are harder to get, lowercase o for things in small bags which are easier to farm --- this assumes that an item can be used in more than one quest and it's necessary to track how many of them one has parcelled out.

That formatting seems slightly confusing to me, but I'll figure something out.

There's less than 10 loot items that are used on more than one quest -- and most of the time it's an overlap between a Colony 6 build and a normal quest.

I'm also thinking that if I'm going to do a loot FAQ, I might as well include the Collectibles needed for quests (and the Collectopaedia) as well. Similarly organised, but different section -- after all, it's a different tab in your inventory.
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Fwahm posted...
At the end of the game, you can hold 150 random drop type items.
Thanks for the info. :D
Stupid men are often capable of things the clever would not dare to contemplate. ~Terry Pratchett
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Alpha order --- when I say locale, I mean that I want it as a parenthetical bit of information after the item name so that if I don't have an item, I'll know where to go get it.

For items needed for multiple quests how about this:

An item name x3 x6 : Where found---What to kill

that way one could cross off one entry after doing one quest and still know that one needed xX of the item for the second.

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