Rank the areas from best to worst. (Spoilers)

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1. Satorl Marsh: I just love that place, the area feels good, music is georgous. What made it that much amazing was the fact that when i heard i had to pass through a Marsh, i felt bad, boy was i wrong.

2. Colony 9: Such a great place to start a great game. The town itself is well structured and you can clearly find NPC related quests. Only reason why it's not number 1 for me is because of the fact that the eastern side is annoying to get through for quest.

3. Agnirathia: Lonely and desolate place, it really felt like it should have IMO. it may have lacked a few houses and stuff but it was still a great place to travel and fight monsters.

4. Fallen Arm: Wow, i didn't even know this place existed. Just knowing that we are off both giants is hallucinating. The place is awesomely designed and the town is perfect for questing.

5. Tephra cave: Simple cave but interesting environnement, i always feel like exploring this place, i always feel like there's something new, it's a vast and open cave full of wonder and mysteries, i loved exploring it.

6. Eryth sea: Beautiful, serene and calm. Warping can get a little annoying and map checking is required alot but this place feels great.

7. Bionis leg: This is where i felt the quest really started, it has that feel that makes you think that you're going into something grand.

8. Colony 6: Although the place itself is rather dull, the fact that we had to rebuild the colony gave it some kind of evolution that made me want to come back, otherwise, it's a boring area.

9. Prison Island: First visit made this place to the top of my list, the music, the atmosphere, the fight, all the spoilers, truly breathtaking. As a final dungeon though i was sorely disapointed. The change of music was not necessary (i actually youtube'd the old music to make it feel prison islandish). It felt like i was going there for no reason on my second time and it actually felt like a chore.

10. Galahad fortress: It felt short, it felt sweet, it felt great. That said it isn't memorable at all.

Part 2 on my next post...
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11.Makna forest: I don't usually like a jungle setting and i didn't like this one either. That said it was clearly a well done place lacking a couple of warp points.

12. Alcamoth: Although questing on a time limit through this place was annoying if only to find the NPCs according to the not so convenient FAQ, i liked going back afterwards the spoiler moment. That said, it felt lacking what with the lack of houses and stuff. It felt grand and beautiful though, still a good place.

13. Sword Valley: This place felt empty, nothing was going on other than a few mechon and Dickson suddenly popping out of nowhere with full anti-mechon weapons for our theme.

14. Valak Mountain: Although this place was fun, it was akward finding everything and i got lost more often than i should.

15. Bionis interior: Loved the living organism of the interior but hated the paths inside, still a good place but needed more than a few ramps and lungs,

16. Central factory: Although i liked the place, the story pacing was slow and more of a continuity of the mechonis field which i was dissapointed because...

17. Mehonis field: Because i didn't expect total mechanical aspects in there. Had the Mechonis field been more fieldish like the fallen arm it would have made a great contrast with the central factory, i expected more dead vegetations being ruined by mechanical oil or something, more like a wreckage or something. That said the central factoy had overall better design IMO.

18. High entia tomb: Boring, bland and dull place. The lack of melia didn't help, even the ennemies were dull. Didn't felt like a tomb at all, more like a sacred altar or something which ruined my understanding of the place.

19. Frontier Village: Although i liked the Nopon race and Riki, the design of the village was annoying to quest through. Add that to the fact that i don't like jungle settings and the fact that all Nopons look too much alike, i was running around back and forth between this place and Makna Forest trying to find that one nopon i had to talk too. Having nopons outside tree area was absolutely stupid.

20. Ether Mines: That one person who actually designed this place thinkiing it would be fun should be fired this instant and never ever enter the video game industry again. Despite all my hate for Frontier Village, this place was totally confusing, too high up for it's own good. And completely bland. The path too continue was asburd to find and felt like it came out of a glitchy and bad platforming game which this game should not have. The only redeeming factor of this place was that the boss was fun and the the cavern area was intriguing. I came close to turn off the game for a while it was that bad, probably a turn off for most players.