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4 years ago#1
I really need help here. Ive tried using melia shulk and seven along with melia shulk and sharla. I am using topple plus on melia and spike defense gems. I came pretty close one time but I have tried at least 8 times to beat him. I also have unbeatables on everyone. I have to use a night vision gem on melia to be sure her topple hits dont miss. Is there I am missing here?
4 years ago#2
What level are you? I have just farmed him a few times for my night vision Lv6 gems at level 95/96. I tried earlier than that and could not keep up with the damage output.

Spike defense 75% gems plus either Dunbans or Melia's skill linked and Debuff Resist 100% were what I used to avoid the dangerous debuffs and mega spike damage he deals. I tried one run without the debuff resist and switched to topple defense and that run took longer due to chars dieing from the HP depuff or the big bleed debuffs. I used Shulk, 7, and Riki. Haven't tried other parties since that worked well. (7 and Shulk hit Mechon without needing special weapon and Riki because Heropon).
4 years ago#3
Im level 99 and cant beat him.
4 years ago#4
rpggamer29 posted...
Im level 99 and cant beat him.

Try switching gems or putting in Riki for Melia to match my experience. I control Shulk and don't topple lock but instead spam Armor. Seven tanks and Riki makes sure tension and party gauge are always high while providing spot heals and decent damage.
4 years ago#5
Still having trouble. Riki made things worse.
4 years ago#6
rpggamer29 posted...
Still having trouble. Riki made things worse.

i would need to know more of your setup. it should be a breeze if you mimicked mine with higher leveled characters.
4 years ago#7
Well I found one reason why it got so much worse, I assumed that debuff resist gems would act against his spike damage but it doesnt. I know it doesnt work against topple and daze but I thought it would against spike.
4 years ago#8
Spike defense 75% plus skill links and debuff resist 100% are the defensive gems i used.
4 years ago#9
Ive beat him twice now, thank you. You were of some help.

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