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HELP with the Entia guards

#1bbthebestPosted 7/13/2012 1:53:09 PM
this is before i go to the High Entia tomb, when you go back to your room to rest and get assaulted by the guards. I am level 37 and they are wasting me. I cant figure out how to get the monado to do any damage to them. Maybe i am just underleveled but it seems like there should be a way for shulk to damage them. How do you fight them?
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#2True_FanPosted 7/13/2012 1:56:02 PM
Monado can't cut peoples. you can't swap him out? i think i just heal with him and let my other dudes kill those guys or pilot other party members.
#3kazeginPosted 7/13/2012 2:01:11 PM
Don't use Shulk. You had a whole cutscene about "the Monado can't hurt people" in the beginning, remember ?
#4HeyWheresKelPosted 7/13/2012 2:45:59 PM
kazegin posted...
Don't use Shulk. You had a whole cutscene about "the Monado can't hurt people" in the beginning, remember ?

Easily forgettable, especially if you're playing at a relatively normal to slow pace.
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#5ChariloePosted 7/14/2012 1:08:32 AM
I used Reyn (controlled) to get aggro with moves like War Swing for the talent gauge to fill up for mad taunt, and hammer beat; Dunban got all of the damage while Reyn gathered the aggro, and Sharla heals the party. be sure Sharla has all healing arts (seriously, if you have an attack art, she's gonna use that more) and covert stance so she doesn't gain aggro. Try it out; it should work. If not, then find a party, without Shulk, that works for you.

Hope this helps.
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#6nitttPosted 7/14/2012 8:25:39 AM
If, for some reason your stuck with Shulk (I think if I am not mistaken you cannot switch party members before the fight), for some, unknown reason, I think the Monado Purge works on them. Try it.

Otherwise, reload from the last save point, if hopefully before the cutscene, and reorganize your team. Have Reyn to suck up the damage, Sharla to heal and the last slot can be Riki for passive damage or Melia for buffs. Dunban would be fighting for aggro with Reyn and not really ideal for this situation since he would be hit more than he would dodge.
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#7Master_GamerPosted 7/14/2012 9:22:39 AM
The fight isn't really hard at all. I could see someone having trouble if they had Shulk and Sharla in their party, but otherwise any decent damage dealers walk all over them.
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