is there a strategy guide on how to defeat unique monsters lv 100~120 ?

#1BeckoPosted 8/4/2012 9:53:18 AM
Well I finished the game long ago... And instead of re-starting the game, I rather do all the end-game stuff, which I have done some already like fully rebuilding colony 6...

- Is there a guide showing the locations and battle strategy of the Unique Monsters level 100~120 ?

- Anything else to do ?

Well now that I remember I still need to do the heart-to-heart conversations
#2rpggamer29Posted 8/4/2012 10:46:40 AM
Not really an all inclusive guide for them but you can use the board search to find many topics covering it. Another way to study up on them is to watch youtube videos of them. I leave it to someone else to give you set ups and suggestions.