Apparently not all high level creatures will ignore you *maybe spoilers*

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I appreciate the replies and reminders about the icons. I did sneak past the second time.

For the boss fight I used Purge immediately, but the Monado gauge never seemed to fill up enough to use it again. I didn't use Buster that would have drained the Monado. Despite at least ten minutes of auto-attack and arts, there were a lot of misses which didn't help. I think it could also have been a glitch that one session as I was the same level as the boss. I looked on YouTube and saw the Purge Monado art become available to that player far faster and their fight took a quarter of the time. No sour grapes.

I'm currently enjoying the place available after that fight. I saw my first meteor shower and it was at night over the sea. The lit meteorites dropped in the water. I watched it as long as I could. It was gorgeous.

Arts don't fill up the talent gauge, only auto attacks do.

And yep, meteor showers are amazing, (but they do only happen at night at that one location).

Certain arts do if they hit. (Stream Edge). And some arts just fill it for a cost (Battle Soul).