Is this game worth getting WII for?

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  3. Is this game worth getting WII for?
3 years ago#21
If this is the only WII game you want to play, just download the Dolphin emulator. If, however, you wanna play Pandoras Tower (which you should) I would probably invest in a WII as the Dolphin emulator has problems running Pandoras Tower properly.
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3 years ago#22
Hero_Dunban posted...
Jesus, have they removed the backwards compatibility in newer Wiis? It's like the PS3 all over again lol

Lol, yeah they did.
3 years ago#23
IMO it's the best JRPG of this console generation. Which isn't saying much, but still. You'd be crazy not to play it.
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3 years ago#24
If you do plan on getting a Wii U instead, I'd suggest buying the game ASAP anyway since it may become hard to get ahold of.
3 years ago#25
TC, why are you using all caps when you type "Wii"?
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3 years ago#26
Get this game and don't get a Wii, but a Wii U.
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  3. Is this game worth getting WII for?

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