Nintendo vs FC2

#1allgdnamesrgonePosted 2/4/2013 11:38:58 AM(edited)
I recently acquired the Nintendo Official guide and I was looking through the bestiary which I thought was pretty cool. And just looking through I noticed it has a picture of each monster in an area, their name, HP, strength, ether, agility, and the physical and ether resistances. So I compared these numbers to what the FC2 site has and they're quite a bit different. With Nintendo writing the guide you would think they would know about their own game and the values. My question I guess is how did FC2 get their numbers? I'm wondering which would be more accurate. The only thing similar between the two are their names and their HP. Rest of stats are all different by about 30% at least from the few monsters I've compared on.

Edit: I guess it's mainly on UM that the numbers are different. I've compared about 10 regular monsters now and they seem to be pretty consistent. Even some of the UMs also differ in HP though.
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FC2 obtained monster data by hacking. There is some wrong data in the guide book. It is very likely a Nintendo intern did this. A lot of players commented on the sloppiness of the format.
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Ah ok thanks. I thought it was the Complete Guide that people complained that there was a lot of wrong info in so I didn't get that. But guessing that means the FC2 one is the correct one then, lol.
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FC2 is missing some valuable info such as calculating chain link rates (covered in guide book), character's hit rate and evade rate (covered in japanese xenoblade wiki), default hit rate and criticals (2ch nerds), and some other stuff.
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Ah ok. Is complete guide have any good info? Or would it be the worse of all?
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Only the "technical" section has some good info. The rest of the stuff aren't too useful. IMO, the book isn't worth getting --- it won't do you any good because it is all in japanese. You can just ask me for info.
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I'm just wondering cause I'm working on translating some of the stuff cause there's no English equivalent and Google translate does a poor job. I'm currently working on a UM bestiary with all their drops and such. Basically they drop every decent armor and weapon that isn't quest only besides Ledios arms.