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Anyone playing Smash Bros. for Wii U? Are there really trophies that spoil stuff
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How long can this take to beat with responsibilities such as work and school?
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Another "help me with my party" thread (light spoilers)
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Just watched the first part of a walkthrough for this game...
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Wow, great game this is! Few questions...
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Beyond the Sky ( Japanese version)Zangetsu223712/17 1:51PM
Hey guys need some help (possible spoilers)DeathProfit712/17 7:38AM
I just realized something, and it made me wonder... MAJOR SPOILERSmrhardy12712/17 1:24AM
Possible Dumb Question about the Mechon - Spoilers.Veddev912/16 9:57PM
I'm at the Frontier Village. What level should I be for the next boss? spoilersBlue_Inigo212/16 4:08PM
I just got to the Leone Telethia, how far am I?RaqibMarvelous212/16 10:06AM
I'm sorry guys... I thinknonexistinghero412/16 6:21AM
Is there a general recommended 8 Art combination for playing each character?superange128412/15 4:02PM
I feel as if I'm missing something (potential major spoilers)LightOfJudgment612/15 3:24PM
How to get yellow afinity between pachipa and pipiki?
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SPOILERS - rare itemsbilal456gt412/14 2:30PM
General Chuggaa Thread (Please Mark Your Spoilers) (Closed)
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Just stepped into the next area after getting Seven...*SPOILERS*
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Trying to get into this, but it's difficult...
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Challenge target not spawning?JordanRynes612/13 11:27PM