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C/D: You like Riki. (Poll)
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I'm kinda surprised Engage the Enemy made it into Smash 4 *spoilers*
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Does adding things to your collectapedia prevent you from selling them?SaloonWreckor83/28 9:38PM
The icons above enemies heads....SaloonWreckor53/28 7:33PM
Won't let me equip anything, only gives option to discard when i click on it?SaloonWreckor23/28 3:29PM
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Preferred Control Scheme (Poll)
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First time playing, some general advice appreciated (with no spoilers please)
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Do you regret any of your time spent playing Xenoblade? (Poll)
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If you had to add a second character from this game into Smash... *spoilers* (Poll)
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There's a red exclamation point on my map but nothing is there?SaloonWreckor103/27 1:52PM
The music of Xenoblade
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