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Does reconstructing Colony 6 lockout quests?HakuMan11138687/23 1:52PM
Xenoblade Chronicles is the best game ever made
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
leseall187/22 10:44PM
What does "S" and "U" stand for when equipping items?HakuMan11138657/22 7:31PM
What's your least favorite thing about this game?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
kirbydude385417/22 6:02PM
Is 100% playthrough possible? Who's done it?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Sk8RuLz127/21 3:38PM
How am I suppose to know what a "Revolutionary Bifron" is?AcidRainLee47/21 10:36AM
Where is the Machina Refuge in Mechonis Field for the Tear quest to Bozatrox?HakuMan11138657/20 11:15PM
How do you change the clock for a thunderstorm in Distant Fingertip item?HakuMan11138637/20 9:52AM
Why is it called Linear Laser during the fight with Jade Face? (*Spoilers*)HakuMan11138677/20 3:08AM
How long was your first playthrough (Strawpoll)Tables107/19 2:59AM
question about the plot (spoilers)mtherabbitking27/18 3:30PM
Best Battle Quotes (character spoilers)kirbydude38557/17 5:32AM
Best gifts for each character? (Archived)someshorty1727/15 1:23PM
Help! How should I play my first time through? (Archived)Cuban4Life77/13 9:09PM
Lunara - Mir'leiz affinity branch (Archived)Sk8RuLz57/13 8:41PM
A couple questions regarding weapons and mechon. (spoilers) (Archived)CheckmateD197/13 8:50AM
I keep seeing this, what is it? (Archived)AlmightyGod87/13 8:48AM
I want to gaming on (massive spoilers) (Archived)SkyLey17/12 7:31PM
I can't use monado? (Archived)nis75077/10 7:39PM
Jarack-Bozatrox Affinity Link (Archived)PhotonCrusader27/8 10:14PM
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