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Dark Murakmor won't respawn?Alpha218101/24 11:22AM
This game is amazing. (Spoiler-free)
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machine977431/24 1:25AM
Any quests in particular i should be looking out for? (Minor spoilers)Epicness201251/23 7:46PM
I don't have the game yet but NEAR END SPOILERS?MonkeyDTim71/23 5:01PM
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Planning for a potential 2nd Playthrough. is there a Gem Priority List?superange12851/22 3:16PM
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Is nothing this name a spoiler at all? *Possible Spoilers*AcidRainLee61/22 3:14AM
Let's post some Xenoblade fanart here! (Possible spoilers I guess)
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Who's your favorite NPC?littlehelp71/21 6:51PM
Could these Japanese copies from CD Japan be real?Nuvo_Anomaly31/21 12:40PM
Was this game a prototype for FFXIV?KazeKill21/21 1:06AM
Something I've never quite understood about the MonadoMercWithNoShirt71/21 12:35AM
So apparently someone else is doing a playthrough... (Potential spoilers maybe)hikaruomega21/20 8:20PM
Finally got a copy! Anything miss-able or common newb mistakes?
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So please tell me if I am on the mark about one thing. (Spoilers for sure.)Howatizer91/20 12:45PM
Timed Quest Question?Very_Sticky41/20 9:10AM
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