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Rate That Music! Day 81: Agniratha, Mechonis Capital [spoilers]TheRewster32/23 2:15PM
Necessary Defensive Gemskrblumen82/23 6:46AM
Rate That Music! Day 82: Agniratha, Mechonis Capital (Night) [spoilers]TheRewster12/23 6:29AM
Playing on first generation wii
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dededo11112/22 8:45PM
Just to clarify, there are no missable items, characters, quests and etc.?Ultimarok62/21 8:07PM
Half EXP Gecko CodesNakasuXD22/20 4:28PM
Rate That Music! Day 79: Mechonis Field [spoilers]TheRewster32/20 11:37AM
How the game determines when a battle is overkrblumen72/19 11:33PM
Leveling with 51?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Guacas142/19 11:28PM
Rate That Music! Day 78: Hidden Machina Village [spoilers]TheRewster12/19 6:37AM
kirbydude385's "100%" run (spoilers)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
kirbydude385592/19 2:57AM
Rate That Music! Day 76: The Fallen Land (Night) [spoilers]TheRewster42/19 12:11AM
Rate That Music! Day 77: Colony 6 - Hope [spoilers]TheRewster22/19 12:05AM
Concerning collectablesHanVelsing52/18 10:56AM
Funny quest dialog with a certan party member [slight mid-game spoiler]Kamikaze_Ice82/17 9:22PM
Memorable Milestones.abovedrip82/17 3:59PM
Rate That Music! Day 74: You Will Know Our Names [spoilers]TheRewster42/16 8:17PM
Rate That Music! Day 75: The Fallen Land [a.k.a. Into Deadlands...] [spoilers]TheRewster12/16 6:40AM
Rate That Music! Day 73: Galahad Fortress [spoilers]TheRewster62/15 10:14PM
Is there something like a fly ability (hacks)?finalrush762/15 4:38PM
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