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Noticed some oddities regarding some NPC's
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
kirbydude385191/5 6:17AM
How to beat Aggressive Cornelius? *spoilers?*rexcrk61/5 6:16AM
Rate That Music! Day 45: Time to Fight! [a.k.a. Fight!] [spoilers]TheRewster11/5 5:31AM
Are there any Monster Item/Armor Drop guidelists out there?MetaFalconPunch51/4 6:27AM
best to level upni201461/4 6:20AM
Rate That Music! Day 44: Colony 9 (Night) [spoilers]TheRewster11/4 5:25AM
Rate That Music! Day 43: Colony 9 [spoilers]TheRewster11/3 7:17AM
Rate That Music! Day 41: Hometown [spoilers]TheRewster21/3 2:09AM
Rate That Music! Day 42: Hometown (Night) [spoilers]TheRewster11/2 6:51AM
level up helpni201491/1 9:29PM
Help with Disciple Lorithia!Cyndaquilfan12371/1 3:22PM
Melia/Shulk/Dunban or Melia/Seven/Dunban or Melia/Riki/Dunban (Minor Spoilers)KMichael4851/1 3:02PM
Rate the Music of Xenoblade Chronicles: First Half Results [spoilers]TheRewster51/1 7:54AM
Where is the "hard skin" item?Namohysip212/31 7:35PM
Materials Full - What to do?AMightyDuck312/31 10:17AM
Started the game recently. Quick question on Monado abilities. Possible spoilers
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
HellsController3312/31 8:25AM
I just thought of something about Seven. SpoilerJarlix612/30 2:09PM
I wish I could do all the Colony 6 quests without being overpowered (spoilers)Meowgoocat312/29 8:07AM
A few hours in my first time paying and I'm really enjoying the gamerexcrk812/28 5:04PM
Rate That Music! Day 39: Ending Theme - Beyond the Sky [spoilers]TheRewster1012/28 1:52PM
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