do the enemies respawn?

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5 years ago#1
Do enemies respawn in this game? I guess bosses don't, but that's okay.
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5 years ago#2
Yes. Storyline bosses obviously don't, but everything else does (inlcuding "elite" monsters, or whatever they're called).
5 years ago#3
Wait, I'm being stupid. I think I'm wrong about the elite monsters. Haven't played the game in ages.

But normal monsters do respawn, that much I remember. :p
5 years ago#4
Unique monsters also respawn, or at least a lot of them do.
5 years ago#5
Yes, they do. I think the only problem with elites is that you only get the quest bonus if you defeat the monster AFTER you got the quest. So if you already killed it, you'd have to do it again, but that's usually not such a big deal.
5 years ago#6
ah okay, thanks guys ;)
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5 years ago#7
Some unique monster respawn, others don't.

I've killed unique monsters that were tied in with a quest, BEFORE spawning the quest, only for them NOT to respawn anymore, screwing your chances of completing the quest.

This has happened to me on 2 separate playthroughs with 2 entirely different monsters, so you may want to be careful.
5 years ago#8
I'm pretty sure you can't "miss" monsters/quest.
If you can kill a Unique before taking a quest involving it, then it will always respawn (even if you have trouble to find it again)
And the monsters you can't find anymore are from certain quest you already beatten. (but not all of them).

It can be confusing because some monsters appears near others, you can easily think you killed one instead of another (except if you remember all the Unique's name).

The only way to miss a monster is to pass any point in the game where the quest is not available anymore for X reason I think.
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5 years ago#9
I can assure you, Sandylecuistot, that it IS possible, because it has happened to me twice, and I am NOT mistaking the enemies, because I managed to get it right on other playthroughs.

It might be a glitch though.
5 years ago#10
That's what I was thinking too, but the possibility is low.
I was hoping to say the truth for the game's sake T-T
I checked on the japanese @wiki guide and it seems that way, but I may have been translating too fast...
Currently waiting for... Earth Seeker. We'll see.
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