How to level up and get C4 plz:(

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6 years ago#1
i need C4 for next mission but it says i have to be at level 12 and i'm only at level 8, so how do i level up?
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6 years ago#2
Add more soldiers to the sector that needs levelup.
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6 years ago#3
Take a few soldiers that have some R&D, and place them in R&D temporarily.
6 years ago#4
plz how to o that? this's the only MGS solid hame i like and dont know much so can u explain well? thnx
PSN: tactikz4
6 years ago#5
1> Go to mission. Bring Fulton System in Item list.
2> Sleep, knock out, or hold up enemy you see.
3> Change Item to Fulton System and press Action button near enemy on floor.
4> Finish mission.
5> Repeat until you have enough people. (to open up research section)
6> In personnel assignment menu at Mother base, move around people to other section (or just turn on Auto Assign)
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6 years ago#6
@opfer_gv thnx a lot man:) but how do u make enemies hold uo? all i keep doing is shooting is there a way to make them hold up?
PSN: tactikz4
6 years ago#7
Knock them down and make sure they're not knocked out, and aim at them, or WALK behind them, until you see the CQC icon, then aim at them.
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  3. How to level up and get C4 plz:(

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