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The MGS: Peace Walker And MGS: Rising Teams Hate Each Other (Archived)fadhiltheg109/20/2009
Something about peace walker in Japenese.Click here for link. (Archived)fadhiltheg59/20/2009
Does nobody remember the Raikov mask? (Archived)FeedOnATreeFrog69/20/2009
does anyone else not like the health sharing thing? (Archived)freecom0149/19/2009
MGS: PW Demo (Archived)M--Hawk79/19/2009
Facecamo CONFIRMED with proof!!!! (Archived)aidsleen79/19/2009
Anyone else want old characters to return? (Archived)
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I'm less concerned about Big Boss and moreso about Major Zero (Spoilers) (Archived)cgentero79/18/2009
DS Topic LULZ NO (Archived)hukibeast59/18/2009
~Read Before Posting ver. 1~ (Archived)
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snake is reviving snake o.O (Archived)
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I'm pro (Archived)
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Didju rike eet? (Archived)hukibeast79/16/2009
does anyone know if this game has online co-op?? (Archived)lil_zelda_dude89/16/2009
this game is probably not gonna have hackers (in online mode) (Archived)
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Big Boss is hot (Archived)Emerald_Melios89/15/2009
Some kind of countdown site click here for link. (Archived)fadhiltheg49/15/2009
Coup D'etat (Archived)hukibeast29/14/2009
Peace walker demo can't wait cant wait (Archived)
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sign here if you're happy to have this game just on PSP (Archived)
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